Clothing Tips for your family portraits

  • Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • Think about the colors in the room in your home where you will display your family portrait and choose colors around those tones
  • Choose clothing within the same color palette. i.e. grey, neutral tones, jewel tones.

Things to avoid

  • Avoid logos or words on clothing. We want the focus to be on the face in the portrait and the eye will naturally be drawn to words.
  • Avoid bright colors or many wild patterns unless that represents you and your family.
  • You can choose one patterned outfit and then build the rest the members of the family around the colors in the pattered outfit.
  • Avoid the “everyone matches” look of the past. Instead choose things within the same color palette. i.e. grey or neutral tones.

Other things to remember

  • Your hands will show in the portraits so make sure nails are clean. Either no polish or fully polished (half polished or chipped polish is very difficult to photoshop)
  • Accessories-earrings and other jewelry work great in portraits
  • Bring a brush and chapstick/lipstick if needed
  • Bring water and snack for the kids if you think they might need them
  • You can text me photos of outfit

examples of color tones that work well together