Ultra runner

What is your sport and why do you love it? 

I ran my first ultra marathon at 35. I have now completed 4 official ultras and about 15 DIY ultra distance runs (8 during 2020) ranging in distance from 50k to 100 miles. At 37 I can confidently say that I'm the strongest I've ever been and the best is still yet to come.

Tell me about your athletic history? 

I was not super athletic growing up. I ran very casually as a graduate student, but it wasn’t until after grad school that I really started running seriously. I ran my first 50k in 2019 and ran my first 100k one month later. After that, there was no looking back!

List your top 5 athletic achievements so far in your life

  • Running a 100 mile DIY adventure run
  • Top 20 overall at the Vermont 100 100k (top ten women)
  • First place female at the Shotgun Blast trail 10k
  • Completing the Hagg Lake Double 50k/25k
  • Helping several friends achieve personal goals by acting as their pacer at races

Who inspires or has inspired you?

I am so inspired by my local running community!

Why did you want to participate in this Female Athlete Project?

To show women they can excel athletically at any age.

Why do you think it is important to keep active as we age?

I think it’s important because it helps maintain a high quality of life, and it helps keep you connected with a community.

What obstacles have you faced over the years trying to stay active in your sport/compete in your sport?

I constantly struggle with imposter syndrome and the idea of not having a “runner’s body.” Every time I show up at a race I question if I’m good enough to be there. Generally, as soon as I start running my doubts fade away.

Beauty portrait of a women in a Corvallis portrait studio

What would you tell the younger version of yourself?

Go get some running shoes!

What keeps you going? 

I love the lifestyle. The training gives my life structure and races give me goals to work towards. The community gives me friends that support me along the way.

Advice to other women about staying active as we age? 

You are worth making time to pursue activities that make you happy.

Best memories in your sport? 

Finishing my 100 miler surrounded by friends and family.

What do you hope you never forget as you grow older? 

Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember to have fun!

Beauty portrait of a women in Corvallis Oregon